Our challenge was to develop a logo and website for visually impaired paratriathlete Iain Dawson.

What did the client want?

Iain Dawson is a partially sighted champion paratriathete who has held World and European titles.

Iain was very keen to have his own website to increase his profile in the sporting world and to both highlight current sponsors and attract new ones.  He also wanted a blogging platform to enable him to share with supporters and friends the stories of his trips around the globe to compete in events.

What did we do?

We began by working on Iain's branding – starting with the title for his website.  He was very keen to recognise the work of the guides that have to accompany him in competition  so we incorporated the “team” element into the name.  From there we developed the logo with its distinctive wave signifying movement and the two dots over the “W” symbolising the two competitors in the team.  Once this was agreed we were able to very quickly design the website and train Iain on how to use it.

What did we achieve?

Iain’s website has been live now for several years and we have been particularly impressed at the way Iain has used it to keep his supporters up to date with the highs and lows (mostly the former, but with a few spectacular crashes!!) of his races.  He is a regular blogger and got to grips with the WordPress platform (the CMS for his site) very easily. This is particularly impressive given that Iain has less than 10% vision!

Click the image below to visit Iain's website:

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