Photography video

The production of a video to illustrate how 2up Photography works on a lifestyle portrait shoot.

What did the client want?

This is a bit different from all of the other portfolio case studies as we – in the guise of our sister company 2up photography – were the client!  What we wanted was a simple but creative video that could demonstrate what a “lifestyle” photo shoot was all about.  These don’t take place in a studio but outside, using predominantly natural light and relaxed posing.

What did we do?

Tom has been gaining experience with our family business for sometime now and has built an impressive film portfolio and has excellent editing skills.  He accompanied us and the model out on location where he filmed the portrait shoot as it happened before returning to his studio to edit the film along with the stills that we had taken.

What did we achieve?

We were very pleased with the finished film – it captured perfectly the essence of how 2up photography works and our style.