Cambridge cycling Campaign

We provided graphic design, print and photography for the Cambridge Cycling Campaign’s flagship 40 page vision document  – Cycling 2020

What did the client want?

The Cambridge Cycling Campaign is a charity  with the aim of providing safer, better and more cycling in the Cambridge area.  The organisation wanted to produce a comprehensive policy document that would describe its vision for cycling in the city in a visual and attractive way.

What did we do?

We were awarded two parts of the contract – the photography and the graphic design.  We visited the city three times to take a wide a variety of images to highlight both good and bad practice. As keen cyclists ourselves, we undertook these shoots on our bikes which also gave us an added perspective on the whole project and the issues involved with the campaign.  We then worked very closely with the campaign chair and copywriter throughout the full design process of the 2020 vision document.  Alongside this we obtained quotes from a variety of local printers to ensure that our client got both value for money and the most eco-friendly product.

What did we achieve?

The final document was printed on time and ready for  the launch at a National conference at the University of Cambridge, where it was well received.  The document was also made available on the campaign’s website.

Following on from the 2020 document we were also commissioned to produced a cycle parking brochure.

You can read Cycling 2020 by clicking the image below:


Cycling 2020 cover