Wild Knight at Gonzo’s tearooms

This week is Norwich Cocktail week which means there are lots of exciting events happening in bars and restaurants across the city. Last night I was invited by our clients Wild Knight vodka to photograph a very special cocktail evening at Gonzo’s Tearoom. First off – wow what a place – fun, colourful, quirky and very trendy. Definitely not your average tea room!!

Over the course of the evening guests got the chance to eat a very special menu prepared by Head Chef Edd Watkinson and his team, and drink cocktails created and made by the amazing Jackson Swallow (that must be the coolest name ever for a bartender!) The evening kicked off with a little presentation by Matt, founder of Wild Knight, about the brand and how it came into being. Then it was straight into the food – which I was lucky to be able to eat myself – a rare treat for a photographer at an event. My car keys prevented me from being able to have more than a couple of sips of the cocktails on offer, but what I can say is that they were simply amazing and definitely the tastiest cocktails I have ever tried. Our table was joined by well known Chef Charlie Hodson,  familiar to many on the Norfolk foodie scene and, like the rest on our table, a big Twitter user. By the end of the evening the tweets were outnumbering the cocktails (probably a good thing)! Fianlly a big shout out and thanks to owner of Gonzo’s Mike Baxter for making the evening happen and for bringing such a unique place to Norwich!

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